12/12/15 – Iron Mountain

image imageWhile my friends were off hiking some 4kers, I decided to chase down some easier 52WAV peaks. I hit IMP Face in the morning,and then drove over to Iron Mountain for a quick afternoon hike. It was surprising to see the road open this late in the year.


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Trip Report: Mount Hedgehog and Mount Potash 8/08/2015

Saturday I decided to visit some new mountains, working down the NH 52WAV list.
After dropping some friends off for a Tripyramids, Sleepers, Whiteface, Passaconnaway traverse, I drove over to Downes Brook and headed out to my first destination, Mount Potash.

The trail here is very gentle, with just a few easy ledges below the summit. I enjoyed the views for a while chatting with some other hikers before heading back to the car.
I had some snacks and water at the car and reviewed the map. My AMC map may be out of date, there’s some recent changes to the trails to Mount Hedgehog but I found myself there in short order, with the initial approach quite flat and runable.


looking back to Potash

After returning to the car I drive over to the Oliverian Brook trailhead and hiked in a mile or so and setup my hammock and waiting for my friends to make their exodus.
I’ll upload some GPS link tonight for those that use them.

I am looking forward to more 52 with a view adventures! 

Trip Report – Mount Isolation – 2/28/2015

It’s sure been a while since I got back here and wrote some trip reports. Mostly I have been away form the mountains, or exploring smaller woods closer to my home. I wanted to help a friend of mine working on his NH 4000+ footers list so we decided on Mount Isolation. I’ve been here two or three times before, and its always a great adventure. I find it to be much easier in winter however, due to the Old Engine Hill Bushwhack.

We started out around 8:30AM from the Rocky Branch TH, a team of 8 in total. We bare booted for a short bit, then quickly switched over to snowshoes. We followed the Rocky Branch trail until the Engine Hill Bushwhack began. This year it seems to have moved from years passed, but worked just fine. When we emerged from the beautiful birch glade woods, the path was less packed down. There was 1 gentleman form Canada ahead of us. We trudged on and finally reach the summit, very steep and deep drifts on that last bit. IT was getting late in the day so we did not spend much time on the top, but the views of Mount Washington were quite spectacular.

I’ll put a GPS/GPX link in soon.

New Gear: MSR Stoves


MSR is back at it again, releasing the new WindBoiler Stove to compete with the likes of Jetboil in the lightweight backpacking arena.
The WindBoiler looks like a very promising device with some great features.


The MSR® WindBoiler 1.0 L Stove System is the ultimate windproof personal stove system. It features the WindBoiler’s radiant burner, which offers greater performance, fuel efficiency and wind resistance than open-flame burners. The stove draws all the oxygen it needs in through ports near its burner, allowing the pot’s heat exchanger to protect the flame and maximize heat. Lastly, a pressure regulator ensures the stove maintains consistent power, even if canister pressure drops. The result is a stove that operates fast and reliably, even in challenging conditions.


Windproof performance using MSR Reactor™ technology
Smart design features for a more user-friendly experience
Superior durability, fit, and finish throughout the stove
Smaller packed size due to an improved heat exchanger design

Capacity: Full-Size Bowl: 16 oz/ .47 L
Boil Time: 8 mph/13 kph wind: WindBoiler: 2 min 30 sec
8 mph/13 kph wind: Competition: 3 min 30 sec
12 mph/ 19 kph: WindBoiler: 2 min 45 sec
12 mph/ 19 kph: Competition: Does Not Boil
Weight: (Minimum) 15.2 oz
(Packaged) 16.1 oz

Not only is the Reactor Stove System the fastest and most fuel efficient stove ever made, its the only one that delivers that level of performance in the cold and wind of the real world. Youll burn … more info.

The MSR WindBoiler 1.0 L Stove System is the ultimate windproof personal stove system. It features the WindBoilers radiant burner, which offers greater performance, fuel efficiency and wind … more info.