Rhode Island’s North South Trail



I led a series of hikes in 2011-2012 for the AMC spanning the entirety of the North South Trail, a 77 mile footpath that begins at the RI/MA border and continues south to Charlestown and the Atlantic Ocean. It covers a variety of terrain from country back roads to deep pine forests, and was an excellent way to get outside close to home and see some parts of my home state I never knew existed. One thing I did struggle with was getting good information about the trail, maps, and info on where to start and end my section hikes. I decided to compile a map and create GPS/GPX tracks for each segment.

The maps were created with my handheld Garmin Unit and then with the help of my AMC friends, uploaded here.

If you want to download the tracks to a GPS, or view them in Google Earth, use this link.

I take my GPS unit on all my hikes, for secondary navigation (always have a map/compass), but also to record my travels.


4 thoughts on “Rhode Island’s North South Trail

      • Do you have specifics on the campsites? Scouts can sometimes camp on public land in exchange for trail work. We have hiked into and stayed in Arcadia.

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