Jetboil Flash Review

My back country stove of choice is the Jetboil Flash. I like it for it’s simplicity, easy of use, and versatility. Fuel is cheap and easy to come by, and there are a variety of accessories for the stove, such as a fry pan, a coffee press, a larger cook-pot, and a hanging kit. I primarily only use my stove to boil water, either to add to a backpacker meal-in-a-bag or if I don’t have other means of treating my water. I have successfully made pancakes and sausages in the fry pan, and I’ve seen someone first hand make popcorn in the cup as well. Last year in Baxter, I used it to boil some corn on the cob and it was excellent. Everything stores inside the included cup and packs up nice and small. I keep mine on a carabiner and store it in the side slot in my mid-size pack. I can have it out, unpacked, assembled, with water boiling usually under 3 minutes. Always carry a lighter just in case.

2NDS . When you’re traveling light and need hot water or a hot beverage quickly, the Jetboil Flash personal cooking system delivers. The cooking cup clips to the burner and features a color-changing … more info.


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