Trail Angels


Today I was in Western Mass and decided to go be a trail angel. Trail Angels hang out along the Appalachian Trail or other long distance trails where you will find through hikers and bring them cold beer or soda, ice cream, any anything else a through hiker might not carry but otherwise want. I drove to a smal lot on Mt. Greylock and hiked in to the shelter there and found 2 northbounders and two section hikers out for a long weekend. The first guy I approached was in his 60’s and called himself Bucket. He happily accepted two cold ones and the look on his face was priceless. Both looked very weathered from the countless miles since Georgia. It was a very satisfying experience and wish them well on their adventures. If you’ve ever been randomly PBR’d, you know what I’m talking about!


5 thoughts on “Trail Angels

  1. On Moosilauke a couple years ago I ran into two parties, a couple heading north and a young lady heading south. All I had to offer was a couple smarties and I wished I brought more.

  2. What is PBR’d? I never heard of a trail angel. I think it’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Besides a cold beer, what else would a through hiker want?

    • Pabst Blue Ribbon is a cheap american beer, so getting PBR’d is the act of randomly receiving one. Some trail angels give snickers, cola, snacks, offer rides into town, etc.

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