After Work Hike at Heritage Park & Steere Hill, Glocester, RI


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I’ve noticed a sign on Route 44 in Glocester for Walking Trails recently on my daily commute to work, so today I decided to meet a friend there to check them out. I found a map online and realized the trail network connects with a small park I used to mountain bike at, Heritage Park. We decided to meet there after work, and try and get in a few miles. The large Private Property area marked on the map is a big field you can see from Route 44, I often see large groups of deer and turkey in that area in the morning, which made me hopeful to run into some wildlife on the hike, and possibly to return later in the year to do some shed hunting. I started from the Heritage Park trail-head and did the outer loop while waiting for JB to get there, finished it quickly and went back to check out some side trails that follow the brook. There I came acorss a perfect deer print in the mud (photo below). Once JB arrived we hiked in counter clockwise and headed out to Steere Hill, where we saw a good size white tail deer. We continued on for a few miles but as it was getting dark we turned back and took an unmarked trail, which brought us out to some campground. After checking the GPS, we decided to bushwhack back to the main trails and found some great spots along the brook. Hiking off trail is something I really enjoy and wish I did more often. The trails are very nice at this park and I hope to get back for some mountain biking and hiking soon. It would be an excellent hike for beginners, and possibly a good place to try out xc skiing, if I ever get around to it!

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