Black Diamond Icon Headlamp Review

For a long time I have been looking for a high output LED headlamp that also takes AA batteries. Most lamps take AAA batteries, but because my GPS and my camera run on AA, I find it appealing to have a single battery system, in case I need to take them from one device in case of failure or emergency. Enter the Black Diamond Icon, this review is for the 2011 version, which is handsomely discounted right now. The lamp is super bright with it’s main 3 watt light cranking out an impressive 100 lumens, and can be also set to use 4 smaller .5 watt bulbs. Each mode has 3 brightness settings as well, for a total of 6 brightness modes. Another great feature is the battery indicator light, letting you know how much juice if left from your last adventure. With an average run time on high of 80 hours, this is an excellent lamp for all types of night time activities, or just to keep in the car(which is where I retired my old lamp to). Game on!

REI currently has this item on sale for $48.93!
REI-OUTLET 20% Off Coupon! August 3 – 9. Coupon Code: OUTQ312


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