Gear Review: Gerber Infinity Ultra LED Flashlight

I own several different backpacks for different reasons, multi-day backpacks, short 3-season day hikes, day-packs, etc. One thing I always struggle with is keeping my must-have gear with me no matter which pack I have for that particular adventure. Usually this includes a headlamp, fire starting device, pocket knife and/or multi tool, my compass, and my trusty Gerber Infinity Ultra LED Flashlight.

This tiny flashlight is very well built, I’ve dropped it many times without incident, and provides a great output of light in a pinch, and its even waterproof up to 10 feet. I always find myself wishing I had one for every backpack. It fits my system well, as it takes a single AA battery, as does my headlamp, GPS, and camera. The included clip is excellent and wont slip off, and the 8 lumen bulb projects a nice beam up to 30 feet. This is not a substitute for a headlamp, but its great to have in your pack at all times as a just in case, I make sure to have it on me when going to sleep in my tent, as it’s output is just perfect for finding my way to the bathroom when camping with others that don’t want to be disturbed by my 100 lumen headlamp beam. Gerber estimates a burn time of 100 hours from a fully charged battery, and stands behind their build with a limited lifetime warranty.




The Gerber Infinity Ultra LED flashlight shines a true white light to illuminate the task at hand.


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