Trip Report: Mount Isolation 1/5/2012

I joined an AMC group Saturday for a hike to Mt. Isolation. It was my 3rd time up there, but my first winter ascent. The winds were strong at the Rocky Branch TH, but settled a bit as we got further into the woods. The trail had been lightly broken out a few days prior, and out group packed it down very well, wearing snowshoes the entire way. We opted to do the Engine Hill bushwhack which saved us a few miles. Skies cleared later in the day, which seemed to drop temps into the low 20’s. Several blow downs on the bushwhack and after rejoining the trail near the Davis path. It was very icy for the last bit up the the summit, we didn’t spend much time on top due to the very high winds. The only river crossing was stable snow bridged, but with warmer temps coming it could be compromised. Successful summit and retreated to Flatbread in North Conway for some much needed grub after.


Distance: 13.16 mi
Time: 9:58:52
Avg Pace: 45:31 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 3,388 ft

Some photos from one particpant:

Isolation 043-1-3

Isolation 048-1-6

Isolation 123-1-3


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