Trip Report: Bushwhacking in the Great Swamp, West Kingston, RI 1/26/2013

I wanted to get out and see if I could find some antler sheds this weekend, so we decided to visit the Great Swamp Management Area down in West Kingston. We decided early in the week that it would be more fun to try and bushwhack around rather than use the traditional trails, and should give us better luck finding any sheds. We got to the parking lot at the red gate and followed the road for a short bit before veering off into the frozen over swamplands. Our hope was to whack due south to Stony Point, but we soon gave up the idea, instead followed some of the many game trails we came across, as evident by the abundance of tracks in the light covering of snow that fell overnight. We came out to a power line running overhead and soon spotted a large deer and 3 smaller ones, none had any antlers. They dashed off before we could get a photo and we soon intersected the main trail again. We followed it for a short bit, chatting with a couple have a walk about and then headed west back into the bush. This area was very thick, but often opened up to some amazing Atlantic White Cedar groves. We continued on our bearing before finally heading back east to join the main trails. We had some lunch at the bunker area on Wordens Pond, and completed the loop back to the cars, without finding any sheds. We saw another large pair of deer, several wood-peckers, a large hawk, and many interesting wildlife tracks, one I think to be Bobcat.

Trails Map



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