Gear Review: Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy Sack

This was my second test of the Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy Sack, my first time ever sleeping in it during a blizzard. Friday night called for somewhere between 18-24 inches of snowfall and blizzard conditions. I decided it would be the ultimate test of this emergency shelter as well as some other cold weather gear I wanted to try close to home before venturing out into the mountains. I made the long trek into the back yard with the Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy Sack, a 8×10 blue tarp, my LL Bean Mount Washington -20 degree sleeping bag, and my Therm-a-rest All season sleeping pad. It was snowing about 1-2 in an hour, but I got the shelter setup very quickly and settled down for the night. I woke just a few times, and used my feet to kick the roof of the shelter lightly to remove any snow that had piled up. Around 6, after what I must admit was some really good quality sleep, the sun started coming up so I convinced myself it was time to head back in. A solid 24 inches of snow fell, but I wasn’t cold at all. Even better, there was not any condensation on me, my sleeping bag, or the bivy. Opening the door I came to find that although I had setup on flat ground, I was now encased in the new snowfall, which insulated me quite well! The bivy is very easy to setup once you have the hang of it, and at 1.2 pounds, it is very light weight. I can personally attest to it being Blizzard Proof! I only have some shoddy cell phone pics but here they are:

Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy Sack


Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy Sack 1 person, light weight solo shelter.







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