Trip Report: Mount Monroe and Mount Washington 6/9/2013

Several weeks ago I was invited to an overnight trip to Lakes of the Clouds Hut, located on the south shoulder of Mount Washington. As the days got closer, the forecast got worse, but because we were invested allready, we dicided to go for it and see how it would play out. We decided for a very late start up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail hoping for a weather window. It rained pretty much all day, but it was only a fine mist. The trail is in good shape, and there really isnt any difficult stream corssings. We took a side trip to checkout the viewpoint to the waterfalls which were really going. There was some snow patches and ice but theyre fading fast. We arrived at the hut, got into some dry clothes, enjoyed a fine meal and headed for bed. This was my first stay at Lakes, and my first time at a full service hut, I have to say, its quite an experience! As morning came, some of us opted to go hike up to Monroe to test the weather. It was still raining and a bit less windy, and the forecast was calling for the possibility of clearing later. There was a decent amount of standing water on the trail heading up Monroe, but we made short order of it and and returned to the hut to regroup. We decided we’d give Washington a go, and descend back down to the cars via the Jewell Trail. Heading up visibility was no better than 50ft max. After about 90 minutes we arrived at the observatory and spent some time changing and snacking, then headed back out into the weather. While we were inside the 15 minute peak wind gust hit 60MPH. Heading down Jewell we made good time, it was nice to hike a trail I’ve not been on yet. around 4500ft, the clouds suddenly broke, giving this fantastic view back down into the valley.

Distance: 13.00 mi
Time: 29:10:28
Avg Speed: 0.4 mph
Elevation Gain: 5,512 ft




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