Trip Report: New Enlgand Hundred Highest – Mt Elephant 8/3/2013

I joined an AMC event in Pinkham Notch this weekend, and decided it was close enough for me to make a return to Maine and finally cross this one off the list. I’ve been really getting after the New England Hundred Highest list this year, can’t slow down now. I am hoping to finish by the end of the year, with luck. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to find someone to join in on the bushwhacking, as there were many more big view fun hikes planned with the group, but thankfully a friend of mine, who by chance had hiked it just 2 days earlier, decided he would join me. We headed out to Maine and on the way drove through some interesting parade happening outside of Andover, there were two fully restored tanks driving down the road!
Eventually we made the turn off to South Arm Road, and then to Elephant Mountain Road. My TomTom driving GPS had no idea it was even a road, but thankfully my companion knew exactly where to go. Elephant Mountain Road is completely passable with an Impreza, with only a few rocks sticking out, I enjoyed driving quite fast through the turns. We parked the car and got onto another less car friendly road for a bit, before getting into the thick of things. I had been told this was a very easy hike, and it proved to be true. The path is worn in well enough to follow with ease, and the woods aren’t very thick to begin with. All in all it was about 2 hours of actual moving time. I had a GPS track to follow, and for the most part we kept on it following a 355ish bearing. We flushed several grouse just inside the last contour line, other than that, no wildlife aside from a small snake we came across on the herd path. We signed in at the canister, and then proceeded back down pretty much the way we came. No bugs, no major water crossings, just a very easy half day hike. We headed to Sunday River Brewing Company after for lunch a brews, because one should always be working on Views and Brews!

I’ve now reached the summit of 91/100 on the list.

Distance: 2.63 mi
Time: 2:25:45
Avg Pace: 55:26 min/mi
Avg Speed: 1.1 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,170 ft









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