Trip Report: Mt Flume, Liberty, Lincoln, Lafayette, and Garfield

Once again I planned to head out on a 3 day weekend to do a Pemi loop, and again had to cut it short. This is just how things go sometimes, but we sure had fun trying. We set out on Saturday morning, learned that the Lincoln Woods Trail would be open for the long weekend, and reconstruction would resume Tuesday. We made quick work of the long abandoned rail bed, and began the ascent up to Flume. I chose to hit Franconia Ridge first, get the hard part done early and also because the prediction of thunderstorms was much higher on Monday. We hardly saw anyone on our way up to Flume, only 1 gentleman that had come up the slide. From here, the weather turned on us. By the time we pushed passed Liberty, a slow rain had started and by the time we left Lincoln, it was coming down pretty hard. We stopped for a short break on Lafayette and it started to break, so we made our way out to our intended destination, Garfield Shelter.

This is where things started going downhill, literally and figuratively. One of our group fell on the wet slick rocks of North Lafayette and while it looked much worse than it was, she recovered and we pushed on, but by favoring her other leg, she again fell on the slippery rocks and sprained the other knee near the Skookumchuck Trail junction. Injured in bad weather above 5k ft, this is not good. We decided after a quick rest and some taping that our best bet was to limp on to Garfield Pond and make camp there, and re-evaluate in the morning. There’s no “established” campsites there, but I have read about some decent areas so we set out. It was slow going but we made it eventually and quickly made camp, dinner, and got to bed, we were all exhausted.

It rained rather hard overnight, and without my tent footprint, some of my gear got a bit wet. None of us were in high spirits, and the weather was not looking very good either, but we slowly made out ascent up and over Mt. Garfield and had a rest there. Here we did get some decent views across to the Bonds. The long descent down the Mt Garfield trail seemed to go on forever, but at least it has a nice grade and it’s not very technical.

We live to Pemi another day.

Time: 30:28:09
Moving Time: 9:55:26
Elapsed Time: 30:28:09
Avg Speed: 0.6 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 1.9 mph
Max Speed: 24.0 mph
Avg Moving Pace: 31:31 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 6,825 ft
Elevation Loss: 6,461 ft

pemi1 pem2 pemi3 pem4 pemi5 pem6



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