Trip Report: Peak Above the Nubble 9/7/2013

PAtN is one of those bushwhacks on the New England Hundred Highest list that I was not so much looking forward too. I’m closing in on the end of this list, and I was able to lead this with someone that had been there before, but from a different approach. I studied Google earth, different blogs and GPS tracks, and finally the day came to get after it. We were a team of 9, set out for the Haystack Road (FR 304), and parked at the famous 3 large boulders. There is room for maybe 3 cars here, if you block them in. We set off down the overgrown road for a bit, and entered the woods a bit after a few minutes. We soon came to an old clear-cut, it can be clearly seen on Google earth view. I wanted to avoid this place, its overgrown and thick and thorny, but we pushed through it rather quickly. After that, the woods were really spectacular, and we nailed it navigationally. We were able to keep a decent pace for such a large group, gaining elevation rather quickly. From the Nubble, the herd path was well defined and took us to our final destination, where we found the canister. There is a summit sign, but it seems to one that was painted over, and now all the paint has chipped off. It looks like to me it was originally from the ADK, perhaps Whiteface?

The summit had a nice view out to the presidentials, and a great look at the North Twin Slide. I wonder has this always been there, or a product of Hurricane Irene? On our exit I decided to track further to the East to avoid the clear cut mess, I actually went right down a drainage on my topo map, it was relatively dry and really open woods. This was a much easier bushwhack than anticipated, a great day in the woods!


Distance: 3.92 mi
Avg Speed: 0.6 mph
Elevation Gain: 2,176 ft

patn1 patn2 patn3 patn4 patn5


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