Trip Report: New England Hundred Highest – Boundary Peak

After having Whitecap and Kennebago Divide for breakfast, and Cupsuptic Snow for Lunch, we again drove the logging roads as far as possible to Cupsuptic Pond, and began our walk out towards the US/Canada border. There was water on the trail here due to some beaver activity, but it was easily navigated around. We knew this was going to be the longest hike of the day, but we were all in good spirits and really wanted to get it done. Soon we arrived on the boundary cut, which is marked with stone monuments and other markers. On the Canadian side there are many hunting huts where hunters leave salt and apples and wait to shoot moose. Hardly seems fair for the moose, not much of a sport at all. The boundary cut has a lot of up’s and down’s and we arrived at the summit just before sundown. We were all in a hurry to get back with a shimmer of hope of getting a proper dinner in Eustis or Stratton. It was a long walk out under headlamps, but I felt very satisfied in pulling off a 4 peak day. We never did make it back in time for dinner, most of the crew just went to bed, I was able to find myself a pint of Guinness and some cold pizza at a bar. It was delicious. Driving the logging roads out was difficult, as I was so very tired. We saw a few moose on the boundary cut, and another one on the logging road.


Distance: 11.98 mi
Time: 6:49:02
Avg Pace: 34:09 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 3,284 ft






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