Trip Report: New England Hundred Highest – East Kennebago

This was it, the last of the Maine 6 Pack. I’d hiked 30 miles of the last day and a half, but I wasn’t going to leave here without getting all 6. After our hike to Chain of Ponds Snow, we drove back to Stratton to refuel and gear up for our final hike of the weekend. Navigating the logging roads with some information Bob and Pam had, we were able to drive my Subaru almost to the landing, a common place to start this hike. Our intel said that from the landing one needs to hike on the logging road until a well defined county border cut crosses, and follow that left from the overgrown logging road. Several ATV paths come and cross, but we stayed on the logging road, as we knew the boundary cut would be a very pronounced right angle towards the summit. Soon we found ourselves at the cut, marked with just a wee small carin. This is not like the international boundary cut we hiked the day before, its very thin, marked with yellow blazes in some places, and eventually becomes more of a faint heard path. My legs were more than tired, but with rain in the forecast, we pushed hard and made it to the top quickly, even though it was very steep above 3k ft. Here we celebrated Bob’s New England 100 Highest finish, had a beer and some snacks, and singed the register. I really enjoy reading the entries in the canisters, this one went back for years! We got back to my car and just 15 minutes later the rain came. The 6 pack complete, we would all make the long drive home, useless and happy. I was always a bit intimidated by the Maine 6 pack, but with the right amount of research, a good team of hikers, anything is possible!

Now 98/100, the finish line in sight.

Distance: 5.07 mi
Time: 3:11:34
Avg Pace: 37:49 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 1,630 ft



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