Trip Report: New England Hundred Highest – Snow (Chain of Ponds)

Saturday was a big day, 3 hikes, 4 new summits. We were really tired when we woke up Sunday, but the weather was good, and we all wanted to get the last 2 peaks out there. After a mighty big breakfast, we set out again down the logging roads, this time to Chain of Ponds Snow. The foliage here was really nice, and there is a trail the whole way up the mountain. The lower part is actually a road, and all the water crossings have nice bridges. There is no signage however, so it was nice to be with someone who had done it a few times before, as the turn off the road can be tricky. At the top we celebrated Elizabeth’s 100 highest finish, had some snacks, and took some photos. This peak has a really interesting summit register, its a wooden birdhouse type thing near the remnants of an old cabin. The Fire-tower is falling apart, so I dared not to climb it, the view from the base was good enough for me. Surprisingly, I got 3G coverage with my Sprint phone, and uploaded some photos from the prior days adventures.



Distance: 7.26 mi
Time: 4:14:27
Avg Pace: 35:03 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 2,194 ft











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