Trip Report: New England Hundred Highest Peaks – Mt. Breadloaf and Mt. Wilson

It’s been almost 2 years since I visited this area last, which was during the winter, and I had turned back after Breadloaf. I wasn’t really chasing the New England 100 Highest back then, and certainty didn’t think I’d ever come this close to finishing. Well here I am with 98 peaks done and Just Wilson and East Sleeper remain. On my last visit to the area, I read alot about how nice the Skyline Lodge was, so I decided it was a good way to add some camping to the hike this time around. David and I set off early on Saturday, visited Harpoon for lunch, and made it to the trail-head for a 3pm start. With only 2.5 miles to the cabin, we weren’t in any rush at all. The trail was in great shape, its very well cared for and the switchbacks are very forgiving. We only ran into one other guy making his descent, he informed us 3 other guys we’re also up at the shelter. We arrived up at the lodge in quick order, and decided we would do the out and back to Wilson, going over Breadloaf, as a night hike, making Sunday a very easy hike out. Me made a strong push, only finding some slippery sections between BreadLoaf and Wilson. about 1 inch of new snow covered the ground, not enough to require any type of traction devices yet. When we returned to the shelter, the 3 guys had left, so we had the place all to our selves, well, us and a mouse anyways. We made some dinner and turned in, I read the log book for some time, those are always full of fun writeups. We hiked out in the morning and got a proper VT breakfast down the road where VT125 meets VT100, great cider there!

1 Peak left to go!







The nondescript summit carin of Mt. Wilson


Distance: 9.79 mi
Time: 18:39:27
Avg Pace: –:– min/mi
Avg Speed: 0.5 mph
Elevation Gain: 2,807 ft
Moving Time: 4:38:57

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