Trip Report: New England Hundred Highest Finish – East Sleeper and the Tripyramids – 11/23/2013

This was it, just 1 peak left. There was a big group gathering of my AMC friends scheduled for the weekend, so I decided this would make for a good weekend to finally get to East Sleeper. I ended up saving this peak for last mostly due to the damage sustained from hurricane Irene a few years back. All the trip reports I’d read said that area on the Kate Sleeper trail was hit REALLY hard, so I kept putting it off, hoping that the trail would eventually get cleaned up. With a nice large group, we decided to spot some cars at the Downes Brook TH, and then shuttle over to the Pine Bend Brook TH to get our start. The ascent up Pine Bend was relatively easy and we made good time up and over the Tripyramids. It was nice to be able to look out from the limited view points, the last time here I was socked in some clouds. The trails were in great shape, and it was a great day for hiking. We stopped to celebrate briefly at East Sleeper, take some photos, but knowing we still had a long hike out we didn’t stay long. After leaving East Sleeper we got a good luck at the back breaking labor it must of been to clear the Kate Sleeper Trail. It seriously looked like someone dropped a bomb up there. Kudos to the army of trail workers it must of taken to clean that up. The sun went down and we slowly made our exit to Downes Brook, crossing the river at least 10 times, luckily, the only time someone went in the drink was the last crossing, just a short ways from the car. Victory beers a Moat after, what a great day!


Time: 11:07:40
Moving Time: 6:15:39
Elapsed Time: 11:07:40
Avg Pace: 50:18 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 28:18 min/mi
Best Pace: 4:05 min/mi