Trip Report: North Moat Mountain – 2/15/2014

Saturday a few friends and I met up to hike North Moat Mountain. North Moat was a new hike for me, I wanted something easier due to the 22in of new snow, and it is also on the 52 With a View list. We all gathered at the parking area for Diana’s Bath and started out around 9. We immediately found it was going to be a slow going day, as the trail was not broken out. We hiked all day and finally reached the open summit, but not much for views today. Lots of good sledding on the way down. I lost my prized GOLITE headband along the way, if anyone finds it, please message me?!

Distance: 8.63 mi
Time: 7:42:45
Avg Pace: 53:38 min/mi
Avg Speed: 1.1 mph
Elevation Gain: 2,790 ft



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